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Horn Island 3

Horn Island Camp & Kayak

Horn Island Overnight Camp Out

Horn Island is one of the Gulf Island National Seashore barrier island just off the South Coast of Mississippi. Twelve miles of untouched pristine beach on both sides of the island bordered to the north by the MS Sound and to the south by the crystal clear Gulf. Amazing vistas from the tops of 30 foot sand dunes expose a series of interior lakes that are just magnificent. Our camp spot is near a trail head where we can cross the island for easy access to both sides and paddling in the lakes if you so desire. Scroll down for more details.

Loose Schedule - Leaving Belle Fountain Beach Saturday at 10am reaching the island between 2pm and 3pm. We will set up camp and have dinner by 6pm. A scheduled night hike to the beach is at 8 pm. Breakfast is served 8am and departure is scheduled for 10am getting back to the beach around 2 or 3pm.

Leaving from Fontainbleu Beach Horn Island is an average 6 to 8 mile paddle across the Mississippi sound to our camping spot. The crossing will be in open water so proper preparation is important, we are offering instructional classes to prepare also if you scroll down the page you will find a list of suggested equipment. We do not provide camping gear but we will have a safety boat that brings all the camping gear over to the island. Also if someone in your group cannot paddle across we will take them over by motor boat.

$125 we provide kayak, PFD, paddle, and 3 meals
$75 to rent kayak, PFD, and paddle
$50 for us to provide 3 meals

Map Launch Point

Meal Menu:
Lunch Saturday: Sandwich, chips, and apple
Dinner Saturday:  Dutch oven meal of Gumbalia, French bread, and some type of desert.
Breakfast: coffee, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and fruit
You must provide your own beverage, remember there is not anywhere on the island to get water so you must provide your own.
If you would like to bring your own kayak and food the trip does not cost anything just come on and join our group.

What to Bring

2 gallons of water per person

tent/ground pad/ personal items/ head lamp

Shoes or foot protection that can get wet


Bug spray

Bathing suit or lightweight shorts/top (ask about cold weather recommendations)


Standard kayak trip gear includes: lifejacket, comfortable Kayak, light weight paddle

Gear List:

Requirements- Kayak /14ft or more, must have a forward and aft bulkhead or flotation equivalent, able to wear a spray skirt

paddle, PFD worn at all times, sounding devise, able to do some type of self rescue/ R & R classes offered

If you need to rent a kayak we have a limited number so please let us know ASAP if you need a kit


Cancellation Policy

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Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals @ The Kayak Shed
Located behind the Shed Barbecue and Blues Joint on Hwy 57
We offer kayak rentals/shuttles at the Shed BBQ & Blues Joint on Hwy 57: all day on Saturday and Sunday, beginning May 4. Walk-ups welcome! We also offer kayak rentals/shuttles the other 5 days but requires 24-hour notice and reservation